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The Syneron Aurora Ipl laser is a variable wavelength multi technology base unit capable of outputting a combination of IPL and Bipolar radiofrequency. There are a variety of handpieces that can be used for several different treatments and this system can be built to suit your practice. 


Although, these lasers are quite durable and can last through several hundred thousand pulses, they need to be maintained regularly to ensure quality treatments and reliability. Lasers need to be maintained just like any revenue generating asset. the manufacturer recommends maintenance once a year. 


Laser output will deteriorate over time with regular use and will deteriorate even faster with heavy or high intensity use. To ensure your patients to get the best treatments manufacturers recommend that lasers must be maintained once a year or after a certain amount of pulses at minimum. avoid follow up visits with your patients by having your equipment serviced and calibrated to the manufacturer’s specification. Servicing these lasers will also help your practice avoid large issues that can cause significant downtime such as power supply failures, water flow issues, water leaks burned optics and blown handpieces or fibers.


*on most handpiece repairs*

Typical Syneron Error Codes

Laser Status

Ignition Fault

Low Water flow

Bad Coupler

Rf energy fault

Laser Overcurrent

Preventative maintenance

Lower or upper fan fault

Ignition Voltage

There are many other error codes. If you see an error code that’s not listed call us anytime for free troubleshooting on palomar lasers and IPL systems or fill out our contact form

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