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February 28, 2019
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Candela Cryogen 12 pack 1000g cylinders

Candela Cryogen


compatible with:

  • Candela GentleLase
  • Candela GentleYag
  • Candela Mini GentleLase (Candela MGL)
  • Candela Mini GentleYAG (Candela MGY)
  • Candela Gentle lase plus (Candela GLP)
  • Candela Gentle max (Candela GMax)
  • Candela Gentle max pro (Candela GPro)

Candela lasers, including the GentleLase, GentleYAG, Gentle Max, and Gentle Pro laser systems utilize Cryogen in thier DCD systems to cool the dermis, which helps reduce the risk of patient injury, pain and increase patient comfort. Cryogens scientific name is 1,1,1,2, tetrafluoroethane Our cryogen is triple filtered 1,1,1,2, tetrafluoroethane and is among the purest and finest quality. Cryogen makes treaments easy, allowing you to use higher fluences to achieve better results and faster treatments. Our Candela Cryogen s priced very competitively bt rest assured weve done our due dilligence to be sure it is Very high quality for your laser system.

1,1,1,2, Tetrafluoroethane notes: Avoid excessive inhalation and exposure to temperatures above 250 degrees C. some other uses for Cryogen include automotive refrigeration, home refrigeration, boat refrigeration, air dusters, and the aesthetic laser industry. Candela Recommends using the Cryogen DCD delivery system during your Candela Laser treatments, not doing so can damage your patient’s skin slow treatments and delay recovery and results. Call our knwledgable staff with any quesions 24/7 we are always happy to help. 561-203-9776


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