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Hoya Conbio Laser Repair

The Laser Professionals specializes in all Hoya Conbio Yag, Qswitch and dental laser systems with over 9 years experience in Hoya Conbio the Laser Professionals is your best choice for Hoya Conbio Q-switch, yag and erbium laser repairs, sales and maintenance. We repair Hoya Conbio power supplies, Cpu errors, water flow errors, water leaks, calibration errors due to low efficacy, improper beam shape, Q-switch tunning bad Articulated arm transmission, we can fix laser not turning on or funny noises coming from my laser, we can even fix an ugly laser! We offer free troubleshooting for anyone at any time. If there is any way we can help your practice we are happy to assist.

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Hoya conbio Lasers We Service


Medlite II

Medlite c3

Medlite 4

Medlite c6


Revlite SI



Diodent II

MEdlite C5

Typical Hoyas Conbio Laser Repairs

  • HVPS Power supply repair
  • Cpu board replacement
  • Capacitor replacement
  • System preventative maintenance
  • LCD screen replacement
  • DI Filters
  • Heater module
  • Articulated Arm Alignment
  • Articulated arm Repair
  • Laser head rebuild/replacement
  • Alexandrite rod resurfacing or replacement
  • Pockells cell replacement
  • Laser rail alignment
  • HR replacement
  • Water pump repair or replacement
  • Water flow sensor repair or replacement
  • Water leak repair
  • OC replacement
  • Cal port window replacement
  • Flashlamp replacement
  • Laser flow tube replacement
  • PFC board repair
  • User button interface repair/ replacement
  • Q-switch tuning
  • KTP alignment
  • Beam shape correction
  • Pockells cell controller repair

Typical Hoya Conbio Error codes

11 – Laser Head Error

12 – Shutter Fault

13 – Interlock error

15 – Comm error

16 – SHG error

19 – HVPS error

20 – Energy error

21 – Simmer warning

22 – Charge error

23 – Simmer error

24 – Pyro err

32 – Coolant interruption

33 – Flow error

61 – Keypad error

82 – Temperature fault

98 – Low output

99 – High output

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