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Here at The Laser Professionals, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with reliable, fast and professional service. This is beneficial because it allows you to focus on your patients and not your laser equipment. In an industry where you don’t know who to trust, its our goal to provide you with excellent customer service in hopes of building a lasting relationship that thrives on trust and reliability. Our certified master laser technicians are fully qualified to diagnose and repair nearly all medical laser equipment and handpiece applicators. Our master laser technicians have years of experience in the industry and they are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We offer cosmetic laser repair services in a wide variety of IPL, RF, IR and fractional systems. We have many methods of assisting you with your laser needs regardless of your location. We offer online assistance via video communications and our technicians travel both domestically and internationally (fees do apply). we also offer options allowing you to ship your laser directly to our facility.

benefits of The Laser Professionals Cosmetic Laser Repair, as well as the services that Laser Tech offer. we specialize in providing maintenance and repair for all leading brands of aesthetic lasers and cosmetic laser handpieces, and we offer a minimuim 90 day warranty with every cosmetic laser they sell. – Cosmetic laser repair services include optical performance testing, cleaning, testing and replacement of lasers and other parts. our certified technicians can help with preventive maintenance services to ensure your laser is running at its best. we also offer calibrations and alignments for all leading brands as well as a Laser Warehouse for all your needs. our experienced staff can perform testing, cleaning, replacement and preventive maintenance services on any of the leading brands in the house.


the laser professionals Cosmetic Laser Repair provides emergency repair services, installation of new machines and laser technicians certified by NLB and others. With the vast experience of their staff, they offer top class training for both medical and cosmetic laser equipment to ensure the safety of your staff and clients. From class 3 and 4 handpiece applicators to Class 4 solid state lasers, they offer a wide variety of machines, equipment and replacement parts from various manufacturers. They also provide preventative maintenance services on a regular basis to keep your machine running at its best.


The Laser Professionals Cosmetic laser repair professionals pride themselves on providing the best possible service to their customers, and they do so by providing practical and affordable solutions. They are knowledgeable and experienced in replacing malfunctioning aesthetic laser equipment, providing regular tune ups, and replacing aging parts. Cosmetic laser repair professionals strive to provide the best service possible to their clients, offering solutions that not only provide owners with peace of mind, but also keep their machines running efficiently.


Laser medical and ophthalmic lasers are in high demand, and skilled technicians are needed to service these machines. The repair offer for your cosmetic laser should include a full range of services from hand-held retinal lasers to laser sources, outlets and more. The Laser Professionals Repair Team has you covered with experienced service technicians who have the knowledge to properly maintain your machine. We offer extended service contracts, as well as parts on most major manufacturers such as Lumenis, Alma, cutera and Candela. Our commitment to delivering quality results for our clients is paramount. By offering high quality parts and service contracts we can ensure that your patients receive optimal care while utilizing your laser device. NY Laser Repair is proud to offer the best in cosmetic laser repair services so that you can provide quality care for your patients while keeping costs low.


Our cosmetic laser experts are always available and ready to repair your equipment. We specialize in repairing all types of cosmetic laser machines from major manufacturers and have been doing so for over 12 years. We offer on-site repair services as well as in house repair services where you will ship your cosmetic lasers to us for service. Our team is comprised of master technicians with extensive experience in replacing parts, lamps, mirrors, filters flash lamps, handpieces, and supplies crystals for any type of cosmetic laser machine. In addition to these parts, we also carry a vast selection of power supplies and IPL equipment.


The Laser Professionals cosmetic Laser Repair services provides quality maintenance and repair services for medical lasers, IPL equipment, and other related components. Our repair companies offer dependable third-party service at significantly lower costs than original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). By choosing Cosmetic Laser Repair as your service provider, you can save valuable time and money when compared to new entrant or existing practice industry manufacturers.



We are able to quickly repair your laser equipment because we carry a large inventory of parts and accessories and have a vast network of partners in the industry. This means that we are able to repair and return your equipment quickly which saves you time and money!

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Major Brands We Repair


IPL Handpiece or Applicator Repair

Flashhlamp replacement

Shell cover replacement

Output calibration

reflective cavity replacement

water leak repair

Umbilical repair

Flow tube replacement

Water fitting replacement

Computer re-programming

Candela Alex trivantage calibration

Cosmetic Laser Maintenance

Laser maintenance is specific per manufacturer and model. Most manufactures require medical laser system be maintained every year to six months. We travel to your location and perform the necessary maintenance & calibration Verifications on your system as well as checking for frayed wires, loose connections and other potential failure points that could cause downtime in the near future.

Diode Handpiece or Applicator Repair

Diode Replacement

Water leak repair

Output calibration

Umbilical repair

Computer reprogramming

water fitting replacement

Alma QS nd:yag handpiece

Q-Switch Laser Repair

Q switch laser alignment

holdoff adjustment

output calibration

output verification

optic replacement

columnating optic rebuild

power supply repair

main pcb replacement 

main pc programming

pockells cell controller repair

pulsewidth modulator repair

filter changes

water system repairs

water leak repairs

2008 Palomar Starlux 500 with 4 Handpieces: LuxRs, LuxY, MaxG, Lux1540

Laser handpiece Repairs

Flashlamp replacement

Shgell cover replacement

Output calibration

Laser Alignment

Water leak repair

 Laser rod replacement

Laser cavity replacement

Cynosure Icon ipl laser platform

IPL Base unit repairs

Power supply repairs

main pcb repairs

system reprogramming

water system servicing and repairs

water leak repairs 

cooling system repairs

water fitting replacement

touchscreen repairs

LCD replacement


We offer annual warranties on select devices

24 Hours Turn Around Time

We provide 24 hour turn around time on most handpiece repairs.

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