Sciton joule laser base unit
Alma Soprano Ice platinum 808nm diode triple wavelength diode laser system

Sciton Laser Repair

Sciton Laser Platforms provide the widest array of scalable aesthetic and surgical procedures due to it having 3 available delivery systems Arm, Fiber and BBL. These modular systems are normally built to suit your practice. 

 Although, these lasers are quite durable and can last through several hundred thousand pulses (some diodes can last up to 1 million pulses), they need to be maintained regularly to ensure quality treatments and reliability. Lasers need to be maintained just like any revenue generating asset. the manufacturer recommends maintenance once a year. 

 Laser output will deteriorate over time with regular use and will deteriorate even faster with heavy or high intensity use. To ensure your patients to get the best treatments manufacturers recommend that lasers must be maintained once a year or after a certain amount of pulses at minimum. avoid follow up visits with your patients by having your equipment serviced and calibrated to the manufacturer’s specification. Servicing these lasers will also help your practice avoid large issues that can cause significant downtime such as power supply failures, water flow issues, water leaks burned optics and blown handpieces or fibers.

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Typical Sciton Laser Repairs

  • articulated arm alignment

  • Laser brick repair

  • galvo replacement

  • laser output calibration

  • laser fiber alignment or replacement

  • BBL handpiece rebuild

  • BBL handpiece re seal

  • water flow error

  • Annual preventative maintenance

  • High voltage power supply repair

    • PFC repair

    • Main PCB repair replacement

    • water pump replacement

    • flashlamp replacement

    • water leak repair

    Typical Sciton Error codes

    interlock error

    foot pedal error

    galvo error

    shutter fault

    no ignition

    hvps tolerance

    system restarts

    Filter parameters not set

    invalid handpiece

    laser calibration invalid

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