Syneron Handpiece Repair

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Syneron Hand-pieces use various technologies to perform many Skin Treatments. some of the technologies include Bi-polar Radio frequency, Infrared light, Intense Pulsed Light, Diode Laser and Fractionated Radiofrequency.

Typical Repairs Include

Complete Renew

Clearing Maintenance required error

no Infrared light

no Radio-frequency output

Bad coupling

Flashlamp changes

Flowtube changes

Reflective cavity replacement

Water leaks

Pitted RF couplers

Cracked covers

hand piece does not go into ready mode

Tec replacement

Umbilical replacement

Electrical short circuit repair

Wire reconnection


*on most handpiece repairs*

Typical Syneron Error Codes

Laser Status

Ignition Fault

Low Water flow

temperature sensor fault

Bad Coupler

Rf energy fault

Laser Overcurrent

Applicator not recognized

Preventative maintenance

Lower or upper fan fault

Ignition Voltage

There are many other error codes. If you see an error code that’s not listed call us anytime for free troubleshooting on palomar lasers and IPL systems or fill out our contact form

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