Alma Harmony AFT 570 SR Handpiece

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What is AFT 570 SR?

The AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) 570 SR is a non-ablative form of skin rejuvenation. This state-of-the-art handpiece utilizes AFT pulse light in yellow wavelength in order to treat pigmented and vascular lesions, making it beneficial for patients suffering from rosacea, erythema, flushing, telangiectasia, age spots, sun spots, freckles, and lentigo. It gives satisfactory results and the effects of the treatment improve dramatically over a period of time.

How does AFT 570 SR Work?

This innovative handpiece emits AFT pulse light in yellow wavelength to ensure optimal absorption by the melanin (pigment that gives skin color) present in the lesion. This in turn rapidly elevates the temperature within the melanin causing the cells to disintegrate. As a result, areas of pigmented lesions become clearer and smoother without any injury to the surrounding tissue. On the other hand, the AFT 570 SR targets and heats abnormal blood vessels causing vascular lesions until they significantly shrink. Over time, the cells of the immune system remove them and the body responds by stimulating the growth of new healthy cells in the area, resulting in radiant, younger, aesthetically pleasing skin.

Is AFT 570 SR Safe for all Skin Types?

The AFT 570 SR is equally beneficial for all skin types.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 570-950 nm
Pulse Width 10, 12, 15 ms
Spot Size 6.4 cm2
Energy Density (Fluence) 5-25 J/cm2
Pulse Repetition Rate 2/3 Hz




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