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What is Cutera Xeo AcuTip?

The Cutera Xeo AcuTip targets pigmented and vascular lesions using the combined power of laser energy and IPL technology. By using a wavelength of 500-635 nm, this innovative handpiece delivers sufficient amount of light energy that is safely and effectively absorbed by the   hemoglobin and melanin in the skin. This makes Cutera Xeo AcuTip an ideal non-invasive treatment option for sun spots, small spider veins, and other skin concerns.

How does Cutera Xeo AcuTip Work?

The Cutera Xeo AcuTip delivers highly controlled light energy into the target area. This energy is then rapidly absorbed by the hemoglobin and melanin in the skin, which in turn increases the temperature in the area. The generated heat energy then destroys the melanin (responsible for skin color) causing areas of pigmentation to disintegrate. In the case of vascular lesions, the laser-induced heat damages abnormal blood vessels causing the condition. Once damaged, these blood vessels shrink and are naturally eliminated by the cells of the immune system. Over time, new collagen fibers are formed resulting in smoother, radiant, aesthetically pleasing skin.


What are the Advantages of Cutera Xeo AcuTip?

This dynamic handpiece has the following amazing advantages:

  • Its 500-635 nm wavelength along with short pulse duration effectively targets areas of skin imperfection.
  • No risk of scarring or hypopigmentation.
  • Small tip allows clinicians to perform aggressive pinpoint treatments.
  • The cooled tip is ideally sized for treating pigmented lesions in delicate and small areas such as the nose, cheeks, chin, and other facial areas.
  • The device is ideal for both low and high contrast pigmented lesions.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 500-635 nm
Fluence Range 3-24 J/cm²
Pulse Duration Programmable
Repetition Rate ≤ 1 Hz
Spot size 6.35 mm
Cooling Contact  Sapphire

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 5 in


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