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DEKA DOT (Dermal Optical Thermolysis) Fractional CO2 is a major breakthrough compared to other laser rejuvenation treatments. This state-of-the-art device makes use of two advanced technologies such as the following:

  1. SmartPulse – This pulsed emission technology generates perfectly-controlled energy pulses, thus preventing the risk of scarring and skin damage. Because of this effect, it’s the ideal cosmetic solution for skin resurfacing treatments.
  2. SmartStack – This laser technology works by emitting rapid pulses into the same point to precisely control the depth of skin vaporization and amount of heat delivered into the target area.

How DEKA DOT Fractional CO2 Works?

The innovative design of this advanced technology allows it to produce microscopic dots or mini-channels in the skin through the use of CO2 laser energy (fractional laser) while preserving untreated skin between these dots. As part of the body’s natural compensatory mechanism, the skin then repairs these dots by pushing out the old unhealthy skin out and replacing it with new skin. Moreover, these microinjuries stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in smoother, stronger, and tighter skin.


What Conditions can DEKA DOT Fractional CO2 Treat?

For patients who are suffering from deep wrinkles, skin laxity, acne, surgical scars, fine lines, and other skin imperfections, a DEKA DOT Fractional CO2 laser can offer long-term cosmetic solution. Because this treatment naturally remodels the skin via increased collagen production, DEKA DOT Fractional CO2 is suitable for all skin types and color.

What is the Recovery after DEKA DOT Fractional CO2 Like?

After the procedure, you will be advised to use cool compress to minimize discomforts. It’s normal for your skin to feel very dry and rough that’s why you will need to regularly use gentle, non-active moisturizer to maintain skin hydration while in the healing process. After a few days, you will experience peeling or flaking of the outer skin layer which is a desired clinical outcome. As the swelling and redness completely subside, the treated area will reveal a healthy, radiant, and younger-looking skin.

Technical Specifications

Laser TypeCO2
Wavelength10.6 μm
Power on Tissue30 W (max.)
Repetition RateFrom 5 to 100 Hz
Pulse DurationFrom 0.2 to 80 ms
Pulse TechnologySmartPulse
Beam DeliveryTitanium articulated arm with 7 mirrors
Aiming BeamDiode laser, 3 mW @ 635-670 nm
Control PanelLCD Color Touch Screen
Electrical Requirements230 Vac / 2.4 A (max.) / 50-60 Hz

115 Vac / 3.7 A (max.) / 50-60 Hz

Dimensions120 cm (H), 48 cm (W), 55 cm (D)
Weight38 Kg
Hi-Scan Dot 
Scanning AreaMax. 15 x 15 mm – Min. 1 x4 mm
Scanning MethodsNormal, Interlaced and SmartTrack (only in DOT mode)
DOT Mode (Fractional) 
DOT size120 μm
Dwell TimeFrom 0.2 to 2 ms
DOT SpacingFrom 200 to 2000 μm
SmartStack LevelFrom 1 to 5
Traditional Mode 
Dwell TimeFrom 0.2 to 20 ms



HiScan DOT/RF – This powerful device combines fractional microablative laser with radiofrequency energy in order to treat skin imperfections such as wrinkles and skin flabbiness.



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