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August 7, 2019
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August 7, 2019

Lumenis Infinity LR Handpiece


Lumenis Infinity LR Handpiece


What is the Lumenis Infinity LR?

The Lumenis Infinity LR Handpiece has a spot size of 9 x 27 mm and is recommended for hair removal of small to medium body areas. Its 805 nm and 1060 nm wavelengths enable treatment of lighter as well as darker skin types, including tanned skin.

How does Lumenis Infinity LR Work?

Prior to the treatment, the Lumenis Infinity LR handpiece uses vacuum to gently draw the skin near the light energy source. By stretching the skin, the laser energy is delivered in a more efficient manner and is easily absorbed by the melanin (pigment responsible for the color of the skin and hair). This in turn increases the temperature within the pigment and damages the hair bulb of the hair follicle. As a result, the hair follicle loses its ability to regrow hair. With additional treatments, the skin becomes smoother, radiant, and free from unwanted hair.


What are the Advantages of Lumenis Infinity LR?

  • Higher Treatment Efficacy: The vacuum mechanism draws the skin closer to the light energy source, allowing deeper penetration and increased melanin absorption.
  • High Level of Safety: The handpiece emits laser energy that selectively targets hair follicles while leaving the untreated area unharmed.
  • Pain Reduction: Chilltip contact cooling (12 °C) provides continuous bursts of cool air before, during, and after each laser pulse, thus preventing burn injuries or overtreatment.
  • Faster Treatment: With a spot size of 9 x 27 mm, small to medium body areas can be treated rapidly.

Technical Specifications

Laser TypeAIGaAs Diode Arrays
Wavelength805/1060 nm (nominal)
Spot Size9 X 27 mm
Repetition RateUp to 3 Hz
Pulse repetition1 Pulse
Fluence 805nm

Fluence 1060nm

5-25 J/cm2

5-35 J/cm2

Pulse Width5-400 ms
Comfort ManagementChilltip contact cooling (12 °C)
Preset ParametersYes





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