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Syneron DS Applicator   

What is Syneron DS Applicator?

The Syneron DS Applicator is designed for permanent hair reduction of large body areas such as the back, chest, and thighs. Whether it’s highly pigmented or minimally pigmented hair, the handpiece’s large 680 - 980 nm spot size can quickly remove hair with a high level of safety and efficacy. This handpiece is compatible with Syneron Aurora, Syneron eLight, and Syneron Emax base units.

How does Syneron DS Applicator Work?

Traditional hair reduction treatments that use laser or light energy can result in too little optical energy absorbed by the target tissue and too much absorption of optical energy by non-target tissue. This in turn leads to ineffective treatment and unwanted side effects. In order to solve this problem, the Syneron DS Applicator combines bipolar radiofrequency (RF) with optical (laser or pulsed light) energies. This technology allows deeper energy absorption by the skin while leaving the non-target tissue unharmed.

During a Syneron DS Applicator treatment, the optical energy preheats the melanin (responsible for hair and skin color) while the RF energy creates a vortex of energy by further elevating the temperature within the target area. In addition, the Syneron DS Applicator’s integrated contact cooling cools the area before, during, and after each energy pulse to prevent burn injuries and force the RF energy deep into the dermis. With this ingenious technique, the hair bulb of the hair follicle is effectively damaged, impairing its ability to regrow hair. With additional treatments, the results become more noticeable and the treated area becomes more aesthetically pleasing.

Technical Specifications

RF Energy Up to 25 J/cm3
Light Fluence Up to 45 J/cm2
Spectrum 680 - 980 nm
Cooling 5°C on skin surface
Spot Size 12 x 25 mm
Pulse Repetition Rate 0.7 Hz


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