Lumenis Lightsheer HS Handpiece


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Lumenis Lightsheer HS Handpiece

What is Lumenis Lightsheer HS?

The Lumenis Lightsheer High Speed (HS) handpiece is indicated for the treatment of unsightly benign vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, and unwanted hair. Its vacuum-assisted, big spot size (22 x 35 mm) enables use of low-fluence to provide fast and effective treatment with minimal discomfort. The device is compatible with Lumenis Duet and Lumenis Infinity base units.

How does Lumenis Lightsheer HS Work?

The Lumenis Lightsheer HS handpiece has an open tip to which vacuum is applied. Prior to the laser treatment, the vacuum draws the skin into the tip and releases it once the pulse is delivered. The laser energy is then absorbed by the abnormal blood vessel causing the lesion. In just a few seconds, the blood in the area gets heated which eventually shrinks the blood vessel. Over time, the damaged blood vessel is naturally eliminated by the immune cells of the body, leaving the area smoother and aesthetically pleasing.

For removal of pigmented lesions, the laser energy is directed through the deeper layers of the skin so that it will reach the melanin (responsible for skin color). It will then heat the melanin pigment until the area of pigmentation disintegrates. With additional treatments, the area becomes smoother, radiant, and aesthetically pleasing.

In case of unwanted hair, the laser energy targets hair follicles and heats them. When the required temperature is reached, the follicles are damaged while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. As a result, hair follicles in the treated area lose their ability to regrow hair. Over time, the skin becomes smoother and hair-free.

Technical Specifications

Laser Type AIGaAs Diode Arrays
Wavelength 805 nm (nominal)
Spot Size 22 mm X 35 mm
Repetition Rate Up to 3 Hz
Pulse repetition 1-3 Pulses
Fluence 4.5-12 J/cm2
Pulse Width (OptiPulse) 30-400 ms
Peak Power 2300 W
Comfort Management Vacuum assist (up to 18 in Hg)
Preset Parameters Yes


Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 4 in


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