Syneron Sublime handpiece

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Syneron eTwo Sublime Handpiece

What is the Syneron eTwo Sublime?

The Syneron eTwo Sublime handpiece is a non-invasive treatment option for unsightly wrinkles around the eyes and neck, brow lines, and cheeks. It uses ELOS (Electro-Optical Synergy) technology to combine safe and effective levels of infrared (IR) light and bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energies to improve skin texture and overall appearance by stimulating skin cell renewal. For patients seeking immediate and long-term improvement of wrinkles, the handpiece is the ultimate cosmetic solution.

How does the Syneron eTwo Sublime Work?

The science behind how the Syneron eTwo Sublime handpiece works is simple. By increasing collagen production, areas of wrinkling can be smoothed out and the skin volume can be restored. Since collagen plays an integral role in strengthening the skin and maintaining elasticity and hydration, this unique non-surgical technique can help achieve a youthful skin.

During the treatment, the Syneron eTwo Sublime handpiece emits combined IR and RF energies into the target skin tissue. This exclusive combination stimulates new collagen growth within the area. Over time, healthy skin cells migrate and replace old skin cells, improving the overall contour of the skin. With additional sessions, the treated area becomes plumper, smoother, tighter, and aesthetically pleasing.

Technical Specifications

RF energy density 40 – 100 J/cm3
Optical fluence 6 W/cm2 ± 20%
Wavelength 700 – 2000 nm
Power range 70 – 200 W (Impedance: 50 – 500 Ohms)
Pulse repetition rate 1 Hz
Spot size 8 x 12 mm
Max. Voltage output (applicator electrodes) 300 VRMS (without load)
Electrodes Two active and bi-polar applicator electrodes (no neutral electrode)


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