Syneron Emax LVA Handpiece

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Syneron Emax LVA Handpiece

What is the Syneron Emax LVA?

The Syneron Emax LVA handpiece has a spot size of 8 x 2 mm which is perfect for the treatment of smaller more resistant vessels and telangiectasias (threadlike red lines on the skin) up to 4 mm in diameter. Compared to other laser technologies, the handpiece is equipped with ELOS (Electro-Optical Synergy) technology that utilizes a unique combination of diode laser (light) energy, conducted radio frequency (RF) and contact cooling. This innovative technology allows more accurate targeting of abnormal veins, reduces risk of burn injuries, and increases patient comfort.

How does the Syneron Emax LVA Works?

The Syneron Emax LVA handpiece combines safe and effective levels of laser and RF energies to accurately target the abnormal blood vessel. During the treatment, these energies are released between the two electrodes in the handpiece. Once absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin, it heats the target blood vessel and destroys it without causing harm to the surrounding tissue. This amazing technique is known as selective thermolysis. Over time, the broken blood vessel fragments are eliminated by the cells of the immune system, revealing a smoother, radiant, and aesthetically pleasing skin. With additional treatments, smaller more resistant vessels and telangiectasias can be completely erased without any adverse side effects.

Is it Safe?

Treatment with the Syneron Emax LVA is very safe. In fact, it is recommended for patients of all skin types and colors. To prevent burn injuries or overtreatment, the handpiece has a built-in cooling system that cools the target area before, during, and after each laser pulse. In addition, the process of selective thermolysis only destroys abnormal blood vessels without affecting non-target tissue.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 900 nm
Light Fluence Up to 350 J/cm²
RF Energy Up to 100 J/cm³
Spot Size 8 x 2 mm
Pulse Rate Up to 1 Hz
Cooling 5 °C



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