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August 7, 2019
Syneron SRA handpiece
August 7, 2019

Syneron SR handpiece


Syneron SR Applicator

What is the Syneron SR Applicator?

The Syneron SR Applicator delivers non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments through the combination of intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio-frequency (RF). With a spot size of 12 x 25 mm, it allows clinicians to treat a multitude of skin concerns such as pigmented lesions, melasma (brown to gray-brown patches), benign vascular lesions, and rosacea. This handpiece works with both the Syneron eLight and Syneron Emax base units and is compatible for all skin types and colors.

How does the Syneron SR Applicator Work?

The Syneron SR Applicator emits light in wavelengths of 580 – 980 nm so that it is easily absorbed by the hemoglobin and melanin. Hemoglobin is a red protein responsible for oxygen transport in the blood while melanin is a dark biological pigment that gives color to the skin and hair. During the treatment, the targeted vascular or pigmented lesions effectively absorb the light energy, increasing the temperature within the area. The Syneron SR Applicator then provides targeted heating of the hemoglobin and melanin up to 0.8 mm in depth. The generated heat energy then destroys abnormal blood vessels causing the vascular lesion and disintegrates the melanin to significantly reduce the appearance of the pigmented lesion. Over time, the cells of the immune system naturally remove the damaged blood vessels and broken melanin pigments, revealing a smoother, healthier, and aesthetically pleasing skin.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength580 – 980 nm
Light / Optical Fluence / EnergyUp to 45  J/cm²
RF EnergyUp to 25 J/cm³
Spot Size12 mm x 25 mm
Pulse Rep Rate0.7 Hz / sec
Cooling5 °C



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